From the day you brought them home, you’ve done all you could for your children. It’s not that
difficult when they’re small.  But maybe it’s become more challenging now that they’re in school.
Have you noticed your child’s grades - and confidence - slipping?  Do they seem to struggle
with reading?  Are you unsure what to do to get them back on track?

For parents like you who want to help their children thrive and succeed, there’s an exceptional
new program:  Future Teachers of America - Students Helping Students.  

Future Teachers of America is a partnership between participating elementary schools and
the high school your child will one day attend. Your child will get one-on-one mentoring from a
trained high school student who excels academically. With in-class and online assistance from
top-performing high school students, your child can get individualized help that will build
confidence and lead to success.

Teachers, principals, and other school leaders are excited about this program. Ask your school
principal for information about Future Teachers of America. Get your children the help they
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