Most school districts have a vast untapped resource: your top-performing high school students.
Future Teachers of America is a new program that will train exceptional high school students
who have an interest in teaching, or simply a desire to give back to their community.

These students will be placed in elementary school classrooms under the guidance of a trained
teacher. Struggling readers in elementary schools will be mentored both in-class and online.

Benefits to your school district:

• You empower and support your high school students and show them that they can make a
• You create a sense of community and reinforce the importance of sharing talents with others.
• You become a trend-setter in recognizing the performance disparity and addressing it with
your own in-house talent.
• A young student falling behind in reading is likely to always be behind. You help break the
• You help shape the future. Your schools excel.

Benefits to high school students:

• Offers high school students a unique opportunity to put on a teaching hat to see if the fit is
• Earn service hours which will reflect positively on college applications.
• Develop confidence and leadership skills.
• Build relationships.
• Are empowered by empowering others.

Future Teachers of America is a progressive answer to a progressively challenging situation.
We think it’s a game-changer. We’d love to discuss how we can help your schools and students
excel. For more information about Future Teachers of America, please email us at
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